Premium Black Gold 黑金

Premium Black Gold 黑金

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Black Gold is produced from mature trees capable of producing deep, bitter, complex flavors with a musky, seductive aroma.

Black Gold durians of the highest bitterness, the Pahang Signature Black Gold comes with stronger bitter notes and a higher chance of “black gold” veins. 

Nett weight: Per box contains approximately 700gm +-10 gram (Durian flesh + seed)

Taste: Highest bitterness of durian and creamy texture with a strong pungent smell.

Seed Size: Mixture of Medium and flat seed.

Spike: Pyramid Thorns

Packaging: Heat sealed / Vacuum Pack

From: Pahang Raub, Malaysia

Storage: Your durians may arrive chilled for quality assurance.



Freshly Harvest

Our durians are freshly harvested from Pahang plantation and providing you the most authentic taste of Pahang Durians.


Quality Assurance

While we take extra care to ensure only the best durians to be served. For natural fruits. Occasionally, a few less than satisfactory quality seeds may creep into the boxes. 

Please do not hesitate to send us a picture via Whatsapp of that wretched piece of durian if it is worm-infested, sour, or unripe durian.

We urge customers to exercise reasonable judgment and submit only genuine cases of unsatisfactory products. 

But we will not be able to replace or refund based on individual taste preference or seed size.