Musang King Durian Puff
Musang King Durian Puff
Musang King Durian Puff

Musang King Durian Puff

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Small Size: Each puff is 3cm+- in size (11 Pieces/Box)

Big Size: Each puff is 6cm+- in size (4 Pieces/Box)

Real durian lovers will taste all kinds of flavored durians besides the fruit itself. Durian sweets, durian cakes, durian puffs, durian lovers can never get enough of durians!

If you’re up for a new thrill of desserts, you can try our durian puffs! It is more than just your average durian dessert as your first bite will blow your mind away.

Our Durian puffs are the perfect bite-sized heaven for durian lovers! As you sink your teeth into our durian puff, you can feel the strong burst of flavor that will melt amazingly in your mouth.

Our Puffs are freshly baked daily and filled with pure durian flesh.


Our signature Durian puffs are filled only with 100% pure Pahang MSW fresh durian puree, with no additional mix-ins of cream or sugar. 














If you are craving for the real deal then look no further, these puffs are every Durian lover's dream come true. Every bite is sure to delight with their strong flavor bursts and soft pillowy texture. Puffs are freshly baked daily.

Alternatively, if the preference is for a firmer texture, freeze and allow them to thaw for 30 minutes to an hour in the fridge. It will taste like durian ice cream when you pop these.